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The true beauty of a photograph isn't found in it's picture perfect composition, a breathtaking backdrop or in hazy golden light. Its found wrapped up in the moment where you can hear your child's belly laugh, feel your spouses arms wrapped around you, and see the way that love filled your home and your family. The true value of a photograph is in it's power to tell a story, to tell us about who we were during a season of our lives and connecting those moments to who we are now. These are your people, your memories and your family history that we are preserving for the future you who yearns to remember what it was like. I am honored to document your family, and promise to do so honestly and authentically, embracing both the beauty and chaos.


Sweet Words

Heather was fantastic. This was our first time having a photographer inside our home, and I was hesitant for many reasons. But Heather’s demeanor and presence easily blended into the dynamics of our home. I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to capture wonderful moments amid the inconsistent cooperation of our excited toddlers. We certainly love our photos, and we look forward to using her again.
— Annette R.